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Which technology I should use to close few software (and wait they to finish) in Windows Server 2008?

Dear experts,

I have a Windows server on which usually are started few programs and 2 Microsoft virtual machines. When I need to shut down the server now I close all manually which take a lot of time, primary because VM need to save its states and it take 60 sec. to do this.

So my ask is for a solution which close all programs and send commands to Microsoft Virtual Machines 2007 to save and close. Here it should WAIT they to finish and then to send Shut down to Windows. Or just to wait 90 sec. before send shut down. In past I use to deal with BAT files, they are still here and I use it for starting of the server, but they are not useful to close programs. May be I need new powerShell, or VBScript – or what? Please advise me, better give mea  ready solution with examples.

Do I make clear that I need a solution which when I start it do not require any other human operations.
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what programs do need to exit before you shutdown your VM?

Is it not okay to let the shutdown command terminate these programs?
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I need to close primary VM. Other programs are not so interesting.
What are you using for virtualization?
I use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. I put a message on it to save state without asking, so i need some software to send close command to it and to wait 1 min. before send close to Windows.
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Which Server version are you using? VPC2007 is not supported on Server 2008.  I'm guessing Server 2003 Standard Version

I can shudown and restart Server 2008/2008R2 with running Hyper-V virtual machines without a problem, they shutdown gracefully and restore on reboot.
I'm using Win 2008 Server Standard 64 bits  with MS Virtual PC 2007 SP1. I wasn’t know that it is not supported, anyway i work with it since 1 years and there no like to have any problem. Till now, the only disadvantage is that if i close often server and it is slow first to close VM.

 Well, i'm actually a programmer not administrator but because we have no dedicated admin I do this also. What is Server 2008 with Hyper-V , this is some built in Windows VM ??? My Virtual machines are not heavy loaded, they are for test our software, not for real use with 10-20+ user in one time.
the hyper-v role is included in Server 2008
To ve3sofa

I need a simple solution for VM, not is needed complicated installation .. as i see Server 2008
Hyper-V demands seroius administartion and resourses as RAM, is that correct?

I have 4 GB RAM in my server, it is not heavy loaded at all, the VM are used only for demo to the customers.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

There no any useful answer, please delete it.
OP was given useful answers, which included not using an outdated and unsupported product.
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David Johnson, CD
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10x. Accourding to documenation hyper-v look very complicated ... but ok - will see when I'll have time to take a look over it. I do not inderstand it - after i install hyper -v role I'll be able to get 2-3 windows like Virtual PC, or ?
Yes 1 window per VM as you are used to.