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So I'm working creating a highly robust Linux install that will be used as a template for automated roll out of Magento (ecommerce) instances.

We're trying to make it completely turn-key, robust to minimise support. Our stores will be primarily UK based, but in the future, some European and US based.

I was hoping I could access a feed that blocks countries and known IP addressed marked as fraud, e.g. West Africa, China and other known untrusted networks. This feed I would then like to to my management server, then into an appropriate Apache block list.

Can someone recommend me where I can find such feeds, and what the best way to integrate them with Apache would be? Thanks!
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quova geolcation intel, probably to find partner supporting this already and for further integration will be a good start for long term plan.

Or a WAF with such capabiltiy can be considered. I know of F5 Network ASM has such Geolocation capability

or direct coding into appl

Apache 2.0 is a module based, open source HTTP web server that is developed and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation. mod_quova uses the Quova REST API to collect geolocation data for the client IP address and sets environment variables. The environment variables can be used by other modules, language interpreters or CGI programs.


It took me a while, but I finally confirmed mod security supports real time black lists.

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