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SharePoint Workflow Logic (Math)

I have a small sharepoint app that is a very simple list with an entry form.  One of the fields on the screen is request date.  The issue I run into is that when the user enters a request after 9:00am ET that date cannot be today it needs to get set to tomorrow.
q1:  can anything be done at the screen level to disallow todays date if time > 9:00am
q2: if I need to do in my workflow, what is the logic to add +1 to the request date field?  so Today +1...

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In the list screen on the ribbon you should see a purple button that allows you to edit the form in Infopath.

Using Infopath you could add a validation rule to the field that runs based on a condition you specify.

Possible this could be set to a time (not specifically tried it).

If not you can also put VB in the background of the form to validate as richly as you like. No need to go near the workflow code.

Users of the form DO NOT need Infopath to use the changes you make.
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SPD 2007 :(
I think it needs to be in a workflow, but not sure how to check if time is after 9:00am
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what will the calculation return?
If someone creates a list item on or after 9AM, it will show the date for tomorrow, otherwise it will show todays date.  It determines the time based on the Created (date) field.
can one more piece of logic be added?

If the user had selected a date in the future (Today plus anything) then it would just leave the date as is.
What are the key field names you are concerned about?  I was under the assumption that you were keying on the time that the record was created.
it is a date selction field called triage date