Using colours in Outlook inbox to identify mails from certain users

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Hi Experts

I know in Outlook it's possible to highlight emails in the inbox from cerain people in different colours. However, there are only about 4 colours that are clear enough to actually be useful and I need more.

Does anyone know if it is possible to colour the background of the entry in the inbox rather than the text of it? This would be very helpul. Maybe there is an add-in available somewhere?

I am using Outlook (Office) 2007. Maybe this is a feature available in the 2010 version?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately I had already found this feature and tried it but it too only acts on the font of the entry in the inbox, not the background.

I have a feeling that it cannot be done :(
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Sorry, you cannot change the background color of the individual msgs in the inbox

As you know you can change the text color of specific msgs.
If you are running out of colors to identify email with, you can increase the conditional formatting furthur by changing Font Style and Size

If this still isnt enough you could furthur use Categries and flags if required

If still need more seperation of your emails, its likely a rule may suit you better to move emails from certain individuals into a personal folder, with a folder specific to them


Hi guys

apache09 - thanks for your definitive answer that it cannot be achieved. It's a bit of an oversight on Microsoft's part if you ask me!

innocentdevil - thanks for pointing me in the direction of the tutorial on conditional formatting. I kind of knew about it but not how to get to it.

For this reason I'm going to split the points equally between you. Thanks for taking the time to reply and for your suggestions :)


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