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i want to install sbs 2008 with exchange i need all the step to do this
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Here is the Microsoft installation process docuement

Here si another step by step page


is sbs 2008 install built in exchange?and witch
SBS 2008 has Exchange 2007 integrated with it, and it installs as part of the SBS 2008 setup.

You need to make sure that your server hardware is supported by SBS 2008, as dealing with issues arising from unsupported hardware is a headache you don't need.

If you're not familiar with SBS products generally, and SBS 2008 in particular, time invested in learning something about it before you try to install it is time well spent; for example, SBS 2008 expects to have internet access during the setup, and it's not happy if there isn't any.

There are numerous publications available covering all aspects of SBS 2008, and acquiring one or two of them and actually reading them can save you a lot of grief and frustration.
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You have three options to do this competitantly (or relatively so):

1. Install it.  Take notes.  Ask Questions. Format, Reinstall it.  Take notes, Ask Questions. Format, re-install it.  Ask questions.  NOW, install it for the last time and set it up.  You'll have some experience, the parts you were uncertain about should no longer be an issue (you asked questions), and it can work.  This is not preferred, but I would consider it most likely acceptable.

2. Take classes and get books and spend the next 3 months doing #1 and learning the product WELL. This is fine if you have time.  Though even in this case, you should work with a pro (apprentice, so-to-speak) to get REAL WORLD experience and advice.

3. Since you don't know what you're doing, Hire a pro.  This is what you should do if you don't have time.

Anything else would seem foolish and unwise.
Yes, the links I sent you with the step by step docuemnts include setting up Exchange which is included in all SBS versions.

Hope it helps!

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