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One of the staff at my work place has recently got married and changed her name from Margaret Green   to Margaret Smith.  What is the best way to change her Windows domain login from mgreen to msmith and her email address from    to  After the name change has taken place she wants mail that is sent to her old email address to be forwarded to her new email address.

We use Outlook 2010 clients,   Exchange 2010 and Windows 2008 Server
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Change the logon and display name in ADUC. I would also create another SMTP address reflecting and make it the primary while leaving the other address as a secondary. This will prevent bounces in the event that people cached the old contact.
Rename Account name as in log on and display name etc.

Create new email address for new name and set as primary
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also add an alias with new married name and set that as default in exchange 2010
Take a look at your email address policy to find out what your default email address is built from. It uses the Alias value by default, I believe, which looks like what you've got there (flast@domain.tld).

So you'll probably need to change the alias value on the user account for the email address policy to update the primary SMTP address with the new name. When this happens, the old email address will remain on the account, as a secondary, so she'll still receive mail at that address, but everything she sends out will come from the new (primary) one.

It might take a while for the email address policy to update the account, so you can do it manually if you want the settings to take effect immediately. Just add a secondary SMTP with the new name, and make it primary (or "default" in Exchange 2010, IIRC).

There's not any forwarding you need to do. There's one mailbox, and it receives mail on two SMTP addresses.

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