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How to Generating Inbound Traffic

Hi Friends,

I have a very simple query ....i.e.  

how can I generate inbound traffic to my website,

pls suggest the best possible & simple ways to ad my company's website, we are into forex/finance online trading.

many thanks to all in advance..
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Although there are some technical tricks to improve your ranking and your traffic, there are 3 unescapable criteria that are more important than anything else:

1 - content, because this will give to spiders and search engines more stuff to chew and to index.

2 - Content, because good content ll give search engines more criteria to give your texts a good ranking.

3 - CONTENT because you do not want your visitors to feel cheated when reading your pages, and on the contrary you want them to fjnd your pages useful, helpful and instructive.

If you give good content, with relevant titles and headers, THEN your site will rank better than those who ignored content and focussed on mechanisms and algorithms!
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@ bbao : thanks for such a buitlful link, I am still working on all points & ask my management to follow it on all outdoor ads as well,
would also be great if you can advice some more tips to improve my website as well...

@ fibo : thanks as well...i do agree on content accuracy.... i am working to improve it...

Some more tips are awaited for further improvement....Pls help & suggest..
some more advice are needed..

Pls help.....
anyone pls share his/her experiences also...
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