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Hi All,

I have a situation on one site (branch 1) where i have 2 ADSL lines on the premises due to the instability of the DSl and the second line provides redundany.  I have recently installed a new server with Remote Desktop role for remote connections from another branch (branch 2)

Branch 2 connects via RDP though the 1st ADSL router which has a DDNS account and NATS to my server. I have setup a second DDNS address on the 2nd ADSL router which NATS to the same server as a backup if one of the lines go down, problem is that the DDNS does not want to connect to the server unless the server has the Gateway setting for that particular line.

I want Branch 2 to be able to use either DDNS address if one of the lines goes down but it means i have to remotely connect and manually change the gateway on the server in order to get the 2nd ADSL router's DDNS to connect.

Adding a second network card which give me the option of a different gateway on each card which are then connected to the 2 different ADSL lines. But i know that 2 gateways can mess up communications.

Does anyone have a suggestion for what i could possibly do here?
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Etiher run the second DSL router off of a port on the first one, thus making the first router always the gateway, or put a third router between the two and it can use route maps to make sure traffic goes back out the way it came in.
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Best bet is to use a dual WAN port router that supports load balancing and/or fail-over such as the Cisco/Linksys RV042  This way the gateway is always the one router and it will handle the return routing to the same WAN port on which the initial connection was received.

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