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Does Windows 7 permit multiple devices on the same IP address but with different port numbers.
For example-
Device1 at
Device2 at
Device3 at

I’m trying to do this with some cameras and it doesn’t seem to like it. It may be the devices or maybe Windows.
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No - why would you need to do it like this?
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what you are trying to say is can you have many devices attached to a single computer and with different port numbers. The answer is yes.

example: you can run mysql on port lets say 8008 and some other webserver on 8080 etc. it should work.
Each IP has to be assigned to a single device. Ports are used to communicate with different protocols on the same device.
You have lots of available ips. Even if you do need to connect thousands of cameras, you can use submask. That should be enough for 65025 different devices.
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TazDevil1674Posted on 2012-05-24 at 13:13:50ID: 38007024
No - why would you need to do it like this?

because there are more cameras than there are external IP addresses. What is your suggestion?
Assign each to a different internal IP address. Configure your router to reroute to each ip based on the port received. That is, incoming connections for port 8001 are sent to 8002 is sent to Etc.
Sorry if I sounded blunt?  I was only enquiring why this would have been needed...

I suggest using NAT.  Internally, every device has unique address - externally configure your Firewall/Router (using NAT) to 'port forward' eg:

externalip:801 ->
externalip:802 ->
externalip:803 ->
externalip:804 ->

The choice of Port on the external side should be chosen not to conflict with standard services which will reduce the chances of probelms.
Your network will not operate with duplicate IP's. Windows will display an error message and eventually stop allowing them to function properly.

You should be able to define a series of ports on the main Pc and assign a specifiv port to each pc that connect to your main pc. That would either be in the target of the icon you add to each pc or specif functionality built into the application that determines the next available port and assign it to that pc.

Hope this info helps!
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For instance you can have multiple web servers on 1 machine sharing the same ip address using different ports.  That is how tcp/ip works for instance dns uses port 53, http port 80, smtp port 25, pop3 port 110 and so on..

The tcp/ip address must be unique for each network section otherwise the network won't know which mac address to send the packets to

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