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MS word and Delphi

I am trying to delete line from MS word document from delphi program.

I can delete or remove bookmarks from the document but the line is still there.
How can I delete the line?

Here is my code.
Can I add some params to delete current line where my bookmark is?

      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.Text := strFinna;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.MatchCase := False;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.MatchWholeWord := False;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.MatchWildcards := False;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.MatchSoundsLike := False;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.MatchAllWordForms := False;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.Forward := True;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.Wrap := wdFindContinue;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.Format := True;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.Replacement.Text := strResponse;
      OleObj.application.Selection.Find.Execute(Replace := wdReplaceAll);
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Ferruccio Accalai
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In your code I see a Text replacement routine, not a bookmark deletion!
What do you really need? Where does this code come from?
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Ferruccio Accalai
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Thanks. I can use this solution to our old problem! :)