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Richard Teasdale
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I am always keen to learn about new languages.
I have heard about Ruby On Rails; and of Ruby.

I have a large MySQL database, comprising archived data. I want to access it, read only, but with a facility to offer lots of queries. It is all internal to the Company. Ideally a web based solution.
My question is - is this something ROR can handle easily? Or am I trying to force it to do something it is not designed for?
I have written  an internal website , written in php. But I would like to try ROR.
The  ROR walkthroughs all refer to building carts and other interactivity; I just want to read and analyse the data.
If the answer is yes - what manuals are recommended? and IDE?
Using netbeans 6.9 (and I know Ruby support stops at 7!)

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Yes, allthough I see Rails used for a whole lot of stuff, for me its strong point definitely is a web interface to a relational database. It has a nice Object Relational Mapper, so you can easily do all sorts of stuff reading and analysing your database over a web interface.
So go for it, definitely if you consider this an internal learning experience.

For me the best starting point is this book

I use RubyMine as an IDE (JetBrains) and am happy using it
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Thank you very much!
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