Two Internal Boot Drives on Windows XP. Any easy to select which one to boot from before restart?

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I have 2 internal stata drives in a Windows XP box. How do I select which to boot from? I have tried changing the boot drive order at startup time in the bios, but it ignores that setting and always boots to the same drive. If I remove power from that drive, it will then boot from the alternate drive. Is there an easy way to do this with existing drives?
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Use a partitioning utility to remove the "Active" or "Boot" flag from the disk you don't want to boot from, then you will be able to boot from the other disk. After that install a boot loader or change the setting of the XP boot loader so it includes the other disk and shows up when you start the PC, so you can select which installation you want to boot from.

A good free tool to remove the boot flag is the Partition Editor (GParted) which is included on the PartedMagic LiveCD:
You can also use built in DISKPART froma command prompt to do this as well.


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