Outlook 2010 (windows 7) keeps placing junk mail in inbox, AFTER i add to blocked senders list

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Hi experts,
for some reason my inbox is still getting several email per day about the same topics, even after i 'add sender to blocked mail list' (under junk mail in menu)

christian mingle, track your employees, hydroxitone, credit score changes, and more...!

why arent they being added to blocked list? when i open the list of blocked senders ive created in the junk mail, i see many, many that ive added over the years, but they still come into inbox.

i realize that many of these folks use various email addresses to send from, but what can i do?
thanks experts
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I've seen some wicked cases of spam over the years. Often the built in spam filters in Outlook and Exchange just aren't enough.

If your email is corporate, and your company has their own email server - perhaps your email administrator and amp up the spam protection. This would be in the form of a software package like Symantec Endpoint Protection:

...or Trend Worry Free Business / Scanmail for Exchange:

Or a separate filter server/appliance like SpamTitan:

...there are hundreds more.

Or maybe this is your home-based email, and you need something stronger running on your own PC, like Norton 360:

...or McAfee Total Protection:

Bascially you need something that is more intelligent, and utilizes a greater variety of inspection to more accurately detect what is spam and what is legitimate.

Managing a blocked senders list won't work in the long run because the technology behind spam is far more advanced that a simple list of blocked sender addresses or domains.


Thanks, yes, i use the cccleaner and malwarebytes antimalware, and i 'thought' that maybe those products were 'clearing' out my specifications and filters.....
additionally, i use the latest trend micro titanium anti-virus/spyware product, and keep it updated.


i turned on the trend micro titanium email spam option, i think i makes it worse...

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