Stop Excel "Read-only"  notification when available for editing prompt

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When a user opens an Excel Work book that someone else already has open they get a prompt asking if they want to open as Read only and be notified when it becomes available for editing.

Is there away to stop the Prompt from displaying and automatically open as read only?  Noticied if you save it as a read-only workbook it doesn't help beucase you then get a different prompt when you open telling you its read only and save as new name if you want to edit.

What is happening is (in Windows 7/ Excel 2010) the user clicks a button on an Access form that opens the Excel Spreadsheet.  The prompt is appearing behind the Access form so the user doesn't see the prompt unless they go look for it.  So, it appears to them that the Excel workbook isn't opening.  However, it's really waiting for them to respond to the Prompt to open.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Thank you.
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If you are opening the workbook in code, you can specify the ReadOnly:=true option.


I'll give that a try.  Thank you

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