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Problem with IE9 and shutting down after Windows updates from May 2012

After a recent batch of updates that included installing IE9 we have had a number of computers 20+ that have started exhibiting problems.  Most of them have problems shutting down.  It appears that on some it will only happen for one day where as on others it continues to happen.  In addition we have had a few of the computers become very slow on the Internet when using IE9.  A task that normally would take 4 to 5 seconds to load or run will take 2 to 3 minutes.

We have verified that Java was current, we used ccleaner to clean up one of the computers, but nothing has helped.  We also were getting a missing dll message for mfplat.dll on some of the computers.  We think the problem is related to the updates that were installed around 5/1/2012.

Anyone with suggestions or experiencing similar issues?
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For the IE9 issues, try using the compatibility mode on the sites that are having problems. Several sites out there are not yet IE9 compliant and compatibility mode reverts that tab to IE8.

I have not had that issue with updates from the May updates, although it sounds like you have not updated in awhile if you are just getting IE9. Check with your software vendors to see if any patches have known conflicts with their software. With some legacy software or older programs that are not patched, we run in to patches that have to be removed.
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We are on automatic updates and I am having the shutting down problem on  more than 100 of the computers now.  It is happening on both Windows 7 and Windows XP machines.  If we manually shut it down it boots up without any problems.  The symptons all started showing up on computers after the May updates.
The shutting down problem mentioned above seems to be recurring.  The large number of computers that would not shutdown gradually worked itself out with us ever finding out what was causing it.  I have heard from other towns they were experiencing similar issues.  We just received a new batch of updates in the last two weeks and the problem with shutting down is back.  People will shut down their computer at night and it will be still shutting down the next morning when they come in.  So far it seems to be mainly windows 7 machines.  I am hoping someone knows the cause.

We are beginning to suspect that the problem might be related to Webroot antivirus for their content filter which works through a desktop web proxy.  Anyone else experience this?
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We moved from version 7 to version 8 and the problem with computers not shutting down went away.