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Hello all, I came across a type of online service that allows anybody to enter an IP address and it will list all websites hosted under the same IP.

Im running IIS6 and 7 in two windows server boxes and Id like to know if theres some config that will allow to block that kind of request
One of the websites that hosts such service is and I dont want that listing to take place or I want to make it as difficult as possible to list all websites at the server


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You can't do anything about it because it is not checking with your server.  If the site is publicly accessible and listed somewhere, it can be found.  All they have to do is do a DNS lookup, just like your browser does, and record the info in a database.  I have two programs on this computer that can lookup the IP addresses of any domain.  I just don't keep track of them at the moment.

From the link you posted...

A reverse IP domain check takes a domain name or IP address pointing to a web server and searches for other sites known to be hosted on that same web server. Data is gathered from search engine results, which are not guaranteed to be complete.

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