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Command Line Batch File (External Parameters [-switches])

I have been writing batch files, and was wondering if there is a way to integrate user input by adding custom switches to batch files, so that it picks up the variables when running the batch file.  

I know you can use the set /p to prompt the user for input, but I want to be able to grab the parameters from the single command that the user inputs outside of the batch file.

For example >    From command line.

C:\> batchfile.bat -s "somevariable"

I want it to pass that "somevariabe" to the program when it runs the batch file, but don't know the syntax on how to make this opperational.

Any help/advice is appreciated.  Thanks.
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Steve Knight

8/22/2022 - Mon

The command line arguments are numbered from %0 and may be used directly or assigned to variables:

echo off
set arg1=%1
set arg2=%2
echo %0
echo %arg1%
echo %arg2%

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You may also want to be aware of the command "shift".

the -s is not needed... it will just show up as your %1 as Arnick's example will show you...

Is this is same kind of concept used for things such as when you use the command:

CMD:>  defrag C:\ /A /U

Where the commands that are given to the program are then read into the process of the program?

What I am trying to do is set static switches for specific variables such as
batchfile.bat /c "Win7comp" /t 30 /d "C:\Temp\Test.txt"

where:   /c would be the computername
/t would be the time to wait to process the command
/d would be the directory to save the output to
and the user can specify  them during the time of inputting the command.

Sorry if the question is a bit confusing, I am not really sure how to word it correctly.

Thank you for your quick feed back, I appreciate all the help.
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Thanks, I appreciate the help,  It has been very insightful towards the situation.
Steve Knight

A useful one here btw is "SHIFT".  It moves the paramters up one:

i.e. you can do something like this to loop through the params in any order, e.g. my scripts here:


@echo off

REM Check if any parameters have been given.
if "%*"=="" (
  echo Usage:
  echo -s "this"
  echo -a = that
  exit /b

echo The parameters for %~f0 are %*

REM loop through all parameters
  if /i "%~1"=="-s" (
    echo Deal with "%~2" as that part of the parameter
    Set OptionS=%~2
  if /i "%~2"=="-a" set OptionA=Yes
    echo Deal with a which does not have a parameter
if NOT "%~1"=="" goto loop


if NOT "%OptionS%"=="" echo Option S was chosen with %OptionS%

if NOT "%OptionA%"=="" echo Option A was chosen


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Steve Knight

Hmm, looks like I posted a bit late there!
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