Run .exe file in the folder where you don't have read / write permissions

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I am using Windows Server 2008 R2, 64 bit.

Is it possible for the user to run .exe file in the folder where he doesn't have read / write privileges? So - I have a folder named 'test'. I don't have read / write privileges to list contents of that folder and everything else. But, I have a shortcut on my desktop, pointing to the .exe file in that folder. Is there a way a user can run that .exe via shortcut, but in the same time he does not have permissions to look into that folder?

Greetings, Frenky
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No, user requires at leas read&execute right on a file to be able to run it. Sorry, another way is not possible

sorry...You don't need execute privileges to read, but you do need read access to execute....

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