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Script needed to see the ports being used by the Aix server.

I'am expecting something like this:

"Run this script as root so that you will have in a text file, the ports that are being used"
After you add the proper comments to this text file  adding this to each line (example)
    # Comment-This port is for Oracle Apex
then you run this  other script to add the content of this text file to the /etc/services.
This must be run by root.
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you may look at the output of command like

netstat -an

can you elaborate on the requirement?
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It will suffice if I can get a text file with all the ports that are in use on the server.
The other ports that are not in the text files will be closed.
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Only the text files with the ports that are being used.
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try this

netstat -an | egrep -i "list|estab|connect" > file

this should give you idea about ports used on the system
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Does this udp means that they are being used?

udp        0      0  *.46656                *.*
claropr-oem-oracle:/oracle/diag/rdbms/oem11g/oem11g/trace> an|grep 14253
udp        0      0  *.14253                *.*
udp is the protocol being used (User Datagram Protocol)

The simple fact that the port appears in the output of "netstat -an" means that it's open and in use.
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Thank you.