System will not boot sith 'some' external usb drives connected?

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hi experts, i have a windows 7 system.
i currently have a maxtor 250gb [one touch] connected via usb.  its been there for years, systems starts/restarts just fine.

however, i have two other external usb drives i use, another maxtor, and a generic one. however when these two are connected... the system doesnt boot up properly, stops and just sits at one point during post.

ive look at the disk manager to see what attributes each drive has:

the ext. drive that is ok when system starts up has "healthy, active, primary partition'

also, ive went into the bios and disabled the usb boot option , and still no go when those 2 drives are connected when system starts up.
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I had an issue like this previously, my system was trying to boot off a drive that didn't have an OS on it.

I simply removed it from the boot order + a friend fixed this by disabling Legacy USB support (he was using PS2 devices)
I've had this before too, and I never did find out why a certain USB drive wouldn't boot but another one would. I just used a different drive...

I suspect that it relates to the implementation of the USB-to-SATA(or IDE) bridge chip used by the manufacturer, but I've no way of confirming this.
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do these drives have their own power supply?
if not i suggest to use a powered hub like :
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Just make a simple test. Let it sit there at POST screen and see in several ours if it does boot after that itself.
Sometimes this strange behavior occurs when the system tries to boot from external HDD connected via USB.


these all have their own power supplies with the ext. usb drives.
i think its the usb controller chip type thing, as this motherboard is about 6 years old.
thanks all.

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