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Someone put a password on an old dell inspiron 600m laptop, how can I reset it?
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Try this first but if not maybe this will help... and the music is inspiring too!:

Remove the BIOS battery (CMOS)

I usually leave it over night, just to be sure.
So, for future reference, if/when others find this in the previously answered question database, like when that youtube video gets taken down or something...

Use a plastic pry tool to remove the hinge cover (not a metal flat blade driver as shown in the video), starting at the right-hand edge.

Using a #1 phillips head driver, remove the 2 keyboard hold-down screws under the hinge cover.

Remove the keyboard by sliding it towards the screen to release the palmrest tabs, then flip keyboard back, keys-down on the palmrest/touchpad, leaving its cable connected.

Pull the CPU by removing its 4 corner screws, then lifting the CPU and heatpipe assembly straight up.

Turn the power on by pushing the button exposed by removal of the actuator in the hinge cover. (that's not shown in the video, nor are any prompts you might get.)

Turn the power off by again pushing the button exposed by removal of the hinge cover.

Replace CPU/heatpipe, keyboard and hinge cover.

Is that about it?


Ok I was just able to do what was recommended and it didn't work.

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