User facing issue when using multiple monitors, sometimes when he move the mouse pointer over a Citrix window, it vanishes and appears on another screen. Just to clarify, that 95% of the time,

Sekar Chinnakannu
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User facing issue when using multiple monitors, sometimes when he move the mouse pointer over a Citrix window, it vanishes and appears on another screen. Just to clarify, that 95% of the time,
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Are the display adapter drivers up to date? Is Citrix a recent arrival on the computer? Is there anything in their knowledgebase about this?


Yes up to date, user installed latest version of online plugin 12.3.
It sounds like it is a setting within the citrix software and when the mouse is hovered over it the software settings go into effect and put it on the proper screen.  Here is a page about setting citrix to work properly with multiple monitors see if it helps resolve the issue.

Good Luck HTH.
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we are using xenapp 6.5 the document applied to older versions only.
Sorry I wish I had some more suggestions for this.  It's probably best to contact Citrix about this.
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Is the Citrix window full screen on the monitor?

Is there a specific application that has focus on the critix screen?

Could some how the monitor "placement" have been changed?  Instead of  Monitor 1 being right and 2 being left, monitor 2 is right and 1 is left.  So when he thinks they think they are moving to the right, they are really moving to the left?
Hi  I am not familiar with Citrix,
all I can add is
I find when using multiple monitors there is a setting to lock the displays maybe in display settings or in the video card settings
otherwise the user may experience the desktop auto dragging over onto the secondary monitor with mouse... or when moving the mouse to the left within the default monitor.
Locking the display prevents this movement whenever the mouse is moved around.
Does this seem to apply
or try this
Lock Mouse Onto Monitor


@giltjr applications are not published to full screen mode. The user didn't swapped the monitor.

@Merete the problem only when user launch any citrix applications. If he works in local then no issues everything looks good.
I see thanks,
are both monitors the same using the same display ratio?

ok I did some reading
An important consideration when calculating the amount of session display memory required in a deployment, is that users might frequently disconnect and reconnect.
During reconnect, twice the usual amount of memory is required, because the server still must keep the memory allocated for a disconnected session.
 Thus, for the above example 1024x768x24 bit session, the amount of graphics memory required during reconnect is 4,718,592 bytes.

Citrix Multi-Monitor Configuration Settings and Reference
This article contains information about the available configuration settings that can be used to control specific multi-monitor functionality in a Citrix environment.
This includes controlling the interaction and display of specified applications and application windows as well as ICA session behavior.

Under most circumstances, the default settings will suffice for the majority of applications. The additional settings described in this article allow you to have a more granular control over multi-monitor sessions that might be required with some custom applications and/or in some deployments


Yes using same display ratio. let me give a try with reg settings.
after updating drivers issue fuxed


issue fixed

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