HP 6710b problem when using docking station

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We have a user that uses two docking stations at two different places.
when he places the laptop on the docking at the new place, he start windows and the network doesnt work until he restart the laptop. And it does the same thing when he goes back to the old place.

HP 6710b laptop
windows XP SP3

Thanks for the help!
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Because the docking stations are identified as different hardware (the MAC addresses of the NIC's are different, for one), Windoze is getting confused about how to arrange things.
The answer that MS wants you to use is separate hardware profiles (i.e. Undocked, Dock1, Dock2) and the set the laptop to prompt him each time he boots up: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308577
On the other hand; if the user is simply letting the laptop Hibernate or Standby when he switches locations, he should expect to have to reboot because Windows will still be trying to use the other NIC.  Have you tried logging off an back on?

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