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I am working on a table using the tablesorter jquery plugin for: http://goo.gl/ul4m3 and would like to show only the Apartments available in a four month range. I'm looking for a way to filter the date column with jQuery to show only the current month, whichever that may be, plus the next  three after that.

Any thoughts?


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Something like

var start = new Date();
var end = new Date();
end.setMonth(end.getMonth()+4); // find the 5th month
end.setDate(0); // set it to the last day of the month before

$(".tablesorter tr td:nth-child(3)").each(function() { // 3rd cell
  var dateStr = $(this).text(); // 06-01-2012 - mm-dd-yyyy I assume
  var date = new Date(dateStr.replace(/-/g,"/")).getTime();
  if (date < start.getTime() || date > end.getTime()) {

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However that does not re-zebra the lines so I suggest you hide or REMOVE the lines before activating the sorter
Thanks for the quick reply. Worked great. -Kyle

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