Refresh handbooks for .NET developer

Easwaran Paramasivam
Easwaran Paramasivam used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts,

  I'm looking for short developer documents
(Preferably below 150 pages) in order to refresh every now and then for below mentioned items. Say for example every concept is explained with examples.


Please do share with me if you have come across any kind of such documents/links.
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Hi Experts,

 Looking for your help.


May be you can search for pocket dictionary on the topics from the market.
ValentinoVBI Consultant
Most Valuable Expert 2011

Why the page limit?  You can just pick up a good book on your subject and read a chapter now and then.

For SQL Server, I can recommend the two SQL Server MVP Deep Dives books.  They contain articles written by different MVPs.  Each article can be read independently (fulfilling your "below 150 pages" requirement) and all SQL Server-related topics are covered: administration, development, business intelligence, ...

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To get fundamental things quickly I look for short documents.

Please do provide for other topics as well.
IT Analyst
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Christopher KileSenior Software Analyst

Warning:  unlike C (which I learned from some small books indeed) the topics you are looking at are hideously complex.  While you will be able to produce some small applications from such, any serious production application is going to force you to read detailed documentation.  Good luck.

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