What is the model name of this ComDial switch?

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Can someone help me identify what am I looking at? I am trying to dig up a manual for this  ComDial switch (new customer) Thanks in advance! :-)
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David AtkinTechnical Director
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Old Comdial Manuals:

Maybe easier/quicker to do a searched based on the Terminals installed on site as they normally have model numbers on and are specific to that System..
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Any way to get a better version of the first picture? If I can get a better look at the label, I might be able to tell you. Can tell it was manufactured in 1995, etc. But that is a tough one to read.
Looks to me like a 16 line, 32 station version of the Digitech by Comdial.  They were first made about 20 years ago and I haven't seen one recently.  One problem with Comdial was that they made so many different KSU models.

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