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We have a Windows 2003 domain with all the fixings installed ( DNS DHCP Group Policy AD...)  We have one Mac user who needs the computer for their job duties.  We are having an issue with that user getting access to our Fileserver and other parts of our network.

Has anyone been able to successfully integrate a Mac on a Windows network?

Thank you.
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What exactly is the issue?

You can integrate Mac into a windows environment, the mixture can be a little tough but definitely doable.
Kash2nd Line Engineer
for one mac i wouldn't bother changing the whole network setup. >>> is an option if you want to pursue.

what kind of issue the user is having.  you may be able to sort those out by >>  that if you are referring to FILE server access issues.


The Mac connects to our network just fine.  The user will have issues accessing our Fileserver from time to time and will be denied access even though they are setup in the AD.  I believe the issue is on Apple's end.
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You should check the console when the user gets the access denied error. When you check that post it back here so we can look at it.
We installed Admit Mac on the computer which allows it to Sync with our AD.  That seems to have fixed the problem.

Thank you all for your help.


Installed Admit Mac to sync with AD.

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