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Convert python dictionary to csv string.

I have a dictionary that I need to convert to a csv string.

The dictionary consists of [key, value, key, value] etc etc

How can I get all the values in the dictionary and convert it to a cvs string??

I have tried:

myCsvString = ','.join(myDict)

But I get the error:
Exception Type: TypeError
Exception Value:

sequence item 0: expected string, dict found

PLease help
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Without context and knowing exactly what you want to achieve ti's difficult to know.


a={'lastname': 'smith', 'name': 'peter'}

Open in new window

what would you expect as output?

lastname, smith, name, peter

Please note, that even the order wouldn't be guaranteed it could be either

lastname, smith, name, peter


name, peter, lastname, smith
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Please note, that there is a module called csv which takes care about all the proper escaping and about the different styles of csv formats.

However you should first describe exactlyhow you'd like to have your dict converted to a csv line / file

The modules doc: