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VHD Expansion Issues

I currently have a Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 Server, bare-bones installation, hosting two WIN2K8R2 Virtual Machines.  They are both part of our ERP software.  One is an Application/Terminal Server and the other is the SQL Server.

Currently, I have the SQL server configured for 250GB of diskspace which is now down to 31GB due to multiple SQL databases, etc.  I need to create more space on the VM.  I expanded the VHD to 500GB but realized that it only created another partition of unallocated space.

What is the best way to merge the two partitions without causing any data loss.  We have been working on this ERP (Epicor P21) implementation for nearly two years and I don't want it to all go down the drain because of a VHD failure, etc.
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Are you referring to the Extend Volume option when I right-click on (C:)?  Will this cause any data loss?
I am trying to merge the unallocated space with the curent active partition (see attachment)
Yes, the extend volume option.

No, but as a safety net, create a snapshot if you are worried.
Thank you.  I can't recall if I can create a snapshot on the fly or if I have to power-down the VM.
I backed-up the entire VHD yesterday to a backup drive.  Will that provide enough redundancy in case of disk failure?
You can snap on the fly but I don't like to do this because it includes running memory.
Okay thanks.  I just powered down the VM and created a snapshot.  I am now powering up and proceeding with extending the partition.
I would suggest moving the database files on different volume (VHD disk). It's easer for disk space management. You can do that by using SQL Management Studio.
Hmmm... I'm not sure what this means.  (See attachment)
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Thank you motnahp00!  It looks like it worked!  It is amazing how easy it was!  Thanks again.  Yo have made life much easier.  I appreciate your Expert advice and instructions.
spaperov, thank you for your concerns and advice as well.  Your point is well taken.
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Excellent solution that worked perfectly as instructed by motnahp00.
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