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Report in Exchange 2010

Dear Experts,

I have been asked to run a report on email activity out of Exchange 2010.  Specifically the President wants to know how many email messages our organization sends to specific people or email addresses.  Is there a tool native or that I can purchase that will enable me to see how many emails our company sent to or

Thanks for the help.
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If you have admin rights on the Exchange server, you can do this:
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Carlisle, Thank you for the response.  Is this the same in Exchange 2010?  I am going through the article now.
In all likely hood, Journaling is not going to give you much that your President wants to see. It will help you see whats going out.

You might want to look at ManageEngine Exchange Report Plus You can get a 30 Day trial:
@lazarus respectfully
Author asked "Is there a tool native or that I can purchase that will enable me to see how many emails our company sent to or"
Journaling would be a free solution to what he/she explained. ManageEngine looks like a great piece of software, but looks overkill for what he/she asked for above. Licenses on a program like that can be very costly but in my opinion, cost effectiveness always looks best to upper management.
@Carlisle_Agent, actually this what was aked "Is there a tool native or that I can purchase". My response is valid and stands as is as Journalling is not a reporting tool
I am going to work on both of these next week after the holiday weekend.  Thank you for both of you for your guidance.
Well Lazarus98 the tool/application does not do what I need.  I am still looking for a tool but I am looking at the Journaling. I need to know who many messages we are sending to our members and I need to know specifically how many messages we are sending to specific members.  I need to be able to run a report that says we send 27 messsages from our exchange server to within the last months or week.

If you or Carlisle have any more suggestions or comments let me know.  I appreciate your help.
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Yes I was very exited about the product and called the manufacturers twice just to confirm.

They told me they will be including the feature in later releases but could not tell me when the release would be.
a bit of false advertising then since its on the website saying it does it. My apologizes... I hope your able to find what you need then.