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In Outlook 2003, I have a distribution list but when I send an email to the list, the recipients see the names that are on the list. I don't want them to see the other people, only the name of the distribution list. How do I do this?

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Instead of adding the DL to the To: field, add the DL to the BCC field

New message > View > BCC field
Use the "BCC" field.
While the new message is open, that you're composing, click the arrow next to Options to display the Options menu, click Bcc.


Then put your distro list in the BCC field. That prevents recipients from seeing the list.

A personal distribution list in your contacts folder will expand the names when sending.  BCC will hide the names.

If the distribution list was created on an Exchange server, it should just show the name of the list instead of the members.


A few of the experts gave me the correct answer, but because l33tf0b was first, I am awarding the points to them.
LOL - beat me by 55 seconds ;)

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