Windows7 Home Premium Color Calibrations

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Windows7 Home Premium running on a server class system:  Control Panel, Color Management.

In the Color Management system in the Devices Window, I have a problem.
In the Device monitor selection window,  the individual monitor displayed as Display:1 is the secondary monitor, and vice versa.   They are interchanged. In the ICC profiles window: the icc profiles are also interchanged.

How can I reverse this mis-identification?

 My Nvidia PCI Express GeFroce 6600 control panel identifies the monitors correctly.  
Incidently,  my Nvidia control panel is able to switch between the Nvidia monitor settings and the Windows7 Icc profile.  It works and solves the problem of trying to do office work in a display calibration set up for photo printing.

Is it possible to reverse the Identification in the Nvidia Control Panel.  Would this correct the ICC profile miss-identification?

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To set the display as 'number 1' you tick the box at the bottom of the screen that says 'make this my main display' the desktop will be shown on this screen.

You can also drag the monitors displayed next to 'Detect' & 'Identify' to change their literal  'location'

Edit: you get to this screen by right clicking the desktop > screen resolution
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The assignments are correct in screen resolution.  They are also correct in the Nvidia Control Panel.
They are reversed in the Windows7 Color Management\Device window.
How do I correct the error in the Color Management Device Window?

I corrected the problem by reinstalling the Monitors using the Oem installation cds.

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