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NetworkSolutions SSL Cert

I usually work with godaddy SSL certificates, but I was forced to use NetworkSolutions. I go into IIS 7, server name, and Server certificates. When I try to add the cert, it disappears. I reissued the certificate, and same thing. NetSol wants to charge me to install it, but that is simply ridiculous. Any ideas what can be going on.
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1. Have you dowloaded the SSL certificate to your server?

2. In what form is the certificate?  (i.e. .cer  .crt   .pfx  etc)

3. Are you choosing "import" from the options on the server/certificates feature?
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I downloaded it to the server, it is a crt file, and I followed the directions they gave which was to start by clicking complete request and add everything.

Soon as I am done, click refresh and it is gone.
shreedhar, you are pointing the link to this question.
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Shreedhar, soon as I click off the certs and go to the binding the cert disappears. It disappears right away.