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Access Denied, but only the first time

I have an end user with a very odd problem that I have not seen before. He is trying to save files to a mapped network drive. When he attempts to save the first time he receives the access denied error but when he goes to save the same exact file to the same exact place for the SECOND time it works fine.

I have completely removed all of his security settings from that folder and replaced them with full access to this folder and all sub folders. I have deleted and re-mapped the drive to this folder. I am now out of ideas.


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Try mapping the drive with a persistent connection.


net use * \\server\share /user:joe.user /persistent:yes
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Is this while editing an existing file, or saving a new file or both.

Is the issue with multiple mapped drives, or only one?

Can he browse and create and rename files on that mapped drive?
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tried and am getting 1219 error even after deleting the mapped drive.

here is the command, tell me if I am missing something

net use m \\server\share /user:bobsmith /persistent:yes
colon after m

Remmett, Editing an existing file, unknown whether or not it happens with a new one, I will have him try.

It's only this mapped drive as far as he is telling me

He can browse and create files on that drive. He has full permissions to that folder.
motnah: Oops, it was actually there in my cmd but missed it in the post, still having the same issue with 1219 error. Very weird considering I am testing this on my test machine with no mapped drives yet it seems to think this pre-exists.

Going to go ahead and try this on his machine once he makes it available to me to see if I get a better result.
Drop any pre-existing drive letter or shares to the resource before executing the command.
There are no pre-existing on my test machine. But as I said, once I get the end users machine I will kill the mapped drive and try the command. Probably no updates till tomorrow as it is difficult to get his machine at times.

No problem.
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Hang in there. =)
That did it.  End users make my head hurt but without them we would be unemployed

EBKAC was issue.