Performance issues with Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2010

Tanus Sacin
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In my environment, I have Exchange 2007, ccr environment with 2 MB, 2 HT, and 2 CAS servers. We are currently using Outlook 2010 as our email client for the terminal server. The client is configured to connect directly to exchange, not cached mode.

Lately our users have complaints about speeds and performance in Outlook 2010, such as when they select a folder, it takes the server several minutes for the folder to display the items. Sometimes Outlook will freeze while waiting to load, and it takes several minutes to unfreeze.

Any troubleshooting ideas that I can try to diagnose what is causing this issue??
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Is it everyone? or just a few select users? because, if the users mailbox is considerably large it will definitely affect Outlooks speed and will be more susceptible to freezing/crashes.

If that's not the case, have you tried using the Exchange Perf Troubleshooter in the Toolbox?

What's the full spec of the exchange server + roughly how many mailboxes is it running

When Outlook clients are not configured for cached mode, a much larger amount of the processing load is shifted to the server. Not an answer, per se, but something to be aware of in this scenario.
With Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007 or higher you should be running in cached mode.

What are the hardware specs on the existing CAS and mailbox servers ?

What is the network connectivity between the users and the CAS servers and the CAS servers and the mailbox severs ?

How many items are in each folder on the users that are experiencing these slow downs ?
Problem fixed, i had a  bad performance due to the logs of exchange, too many logs, not enough backups to flush them, i created a backup to flush due logs for the largest DB and the performance has improve, planning to upgrade hardware later.


problem was hardware related.

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