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IBM FileNet vs EMC Kazeon

My company has been spending the past year looking at file\email archiving software along with an eDiscovery solution. We have pretty much narrowed down to either IBM's FileNet or EMC's Kazeon. We feel both will suit our needs. We are a mid-size, private, manufacturing company. We have very few legal liability suits. Based on presentations, we are concerned that while the IBM solution is very good, it may require several additonal staff members just to manage and maintain it, along with several years of implementation before we see any benefit from it. Kazeon is an appliance that will index our data in place and allow for eDiscovery and hold rather quickly. Does anyone out there have any practical experience with the products? NO SALES pitches, we have heard plenty of them, I am looking for experience in setting up, using, and maintaining these systems and what goes into it.
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Have you thought of using the Cloud?  I know that there are IBM partners that offer inexpensive Cloud based Email/File archives which will eliminate the need for setting up and maintaining.  A simple single per user cost.
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The Cloud is not an option. Our owners are totally opposed to the cloud. They have told the CIO not to bring them or mention Cloud to them again. They do not trust the security or the fact that in the fine print of pretty much every agreement, there are no guarantees. Amazon's cloud crashing a while back didn't help that either. We do everything internally.
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Thanks breadtan, we have read Gartner reports and are a subscriber. I just find it helpful to get feedback from people who have actually used the products. If you ask for references, we know they will only give us the names of companies that really love the product.
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No problem, glad to hear from others as well. thks for sharing.

Actually I always find the eDiscovery biggest challenge is in key mgmt when dealing with SMIME email archive and EFS files, ideally they are decrypted but the security of the information is another obstacle (bothered) put up by security team on the tools deployed. Not easy but if technology can assist with some sort of workflow to maintain the key offline or be "out-sourced" to some secure storage transparent while still able to do indexing for search that will be great operationally...just need nod from security folks :)
We have a Centera, which is a WORM compliant device that we intend to be were our archives are written. We do everything in house, including network security. There is no desire from the owners to have anything outsourced. Their thought is that once you start outsourcing technology, you never know who really sees your data, or what country they may be in.
This was not exactly what I was looking for, but while the Gartner article was a few years older that previous ones we had seen, it confirmed what we felt about IBM.