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Restore Blackberry after security reset

My boss was trying to enter the pin for his Blackberry in order to unlock it, but he was unsuccessful for whatever reason.
Eventually the Blackberry performed “security reset” assuming that the device was stolen.

I have not seen the device yet – but I wonder if there is a way to restore it – we have BES express, and his account still shows there.

Please help
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OK - so it looks like the Wireless backup is enabled on BES by default - how do I proceed to restore the settings on his device?
Do I proceed to Enterprise Activation and the process will restore the settings automatically - or is there something else that I have to do?
If you reactivate the device through BES it should restore the data,

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It looks like the BES restored the setting after reactivation.

He also had SD card with pictures on it - but when I try to access it it responds with "fatal error accessing SD card"

I tried to access the card on the PC, and it does not even mount or recognize the card - does the security wipe" destroy the SD card?
I've never tried it with an SD, but I'm guessing it makes the data on the SD unreadable otherwise it would be flawed as the "Thief" would be able to access the data.

Once formatted, the SD should be back to it's working state,
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I can not "see" it at all - it is like it's not there - therefore I can not even format it.
Hmm, that's quite strange, make sure the card switch is not set to "locked"

Also, try using a card reader rather than direct from the phone - Vice versa,
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I tried all that - it is microsd so there is no lock on it.
I have tried other microsd cards in the same reader and they work with exception of this one. It acts as if it was physically broken. Anyway thank you for your help. Is it coincidence or the magic of computer underworld?! - we will never know :)