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Just installed ExFolders onto My Exchange 2010 server in the correct BIN folder and ran the reg fix.

Starts up OK and lists all my mailboxes, but if I try to expand one it gives:  Error: Cannot open mailbox /o=Company Name /ou=Exchange Administrative Group(FYDXXXXXXXXXXXXX)/Recpients/cn User Name.

Now I thought that will be eay to fix, but can't find any info on this issue and no logs are generated even if I increase the level.

If I try and click on the Items Tab I get  Popup box   Exception getting folder contents:Value cannot be null. Parameter name: session

Public Folders seem to be OK.

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Dear all we have exactly the same Problem maybe is there anyone who can help us?
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Good to see its not just me this has me totally baffled!!  anyone any suggestions where to start??
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No post with solutions, but seems it was a bug as this has now been addressed with the latest version of ExFolders with a date of 6/4/2012
Here is your solution folks:

Run the following shell command and you will set the permissions on all the mailboxes in your organization so that the user you specify will have FullAccess rights on all mailboxes and ExFolders will not throw that error out anymore:

Get-Mailbox | Add-MailboxPermission -User [username] -AccessRights FullAccess –InheritanceType All

Hope this helps.