Google Analytics for Main site and a blog in sub directory

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I have a my website which has google analytics set up and its working fine.

I have installed my blog in a sub directory called

How can I set up Google Analytics for this, Do I have to set it up as if its a new site or Can I add it to the existing one.

Thanks any references or examples are greatly appreciated
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i doubt its required, google analytic will capture even that part only you have to attach the analytic code on its file which is accessible at all point.
Please do let me know the link and the blog u are using to guide u more further
Doing one or the other is your choice: it will just depends on which code you insert as an Analytics marker.

If you consider your blog to be an "integral" part of your site... Use the same tracker than for the main site.

If however you would like to finely track the details of the traffic between the blog and the main site, you would probably prefer to have 2 different codes.


Thanks guys I ended using 2 different codes
B-) Glad we could help. Thx for the grade and points.

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