1 URL  for two virtual directories in IIS6. One for internal site one for external site.

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Is this possible?

I have some web apps that I use internally with Integrated Windows Authentication and I want to make these available externally as well. I already have it setup so thURLrl resolves correctly internally and externally; howeverbecausese I am using integrated authentication, external users get a log on box but can never authenticate. From what I understand this is expected because integrated auth. does not work through proxies.

So I need to setup separdirectory'sorys for my apps to use basic authentication for external users, but I want to be able to use the sURL url for both directories.
ex. www.website.com/myappname resolves to the directory with integrated auth for internal user or resolves to directory with basic auth. for external user.
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I figured it out. Setup second website in IIS using second ip address on same server. Setup all Virtural Directory's on the second site for integrated authentication and set internal DNS to look to 2nd ip for www.mywebsite.com. In first site set all virtual directories to use basic auth with SSL and NAT public requests to first ip address. Works like a charm.

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