Apple Parallels - Making a Snapshot the current and ongoing VM

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The current Parallels VM got ruined to the point of unusability.  I fortunately took a snapshot a month ago and just want to revert back to it.  How do I make the snapshot the one that will be used going forward.  So when I shut down parallels and boot up next time - the image from a month ago will be the one that loads.  This is OSX 10.7 ??
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Shutdown the VM but keep Parallels running.
In the Parallels Virtual Machines List window .. select the VM you want to revert
In the Virtual Machine menu at the top of the screen you should now see the options
Revert to Snapshot & Manage Snapshots .. you can use either.

Revert to Snapshot will restore the LAST Snapshot ..
Manage Snapshots will allow you to revert to any previous Snapshot
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