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i have a drive path to a file on my local machine and i need an page on the  server to read and upload this file.

I get the error can not find file using FileUpload.FileName.

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Need more info. Are both machines on the same network? AD domain? Does the account that the site is using have permissions to that path? Is the client machine always the same or do you need to upload files from this path on which ever machine the site is accessed from?
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more info:

On the network,  the user logs on, and wants  to access and upload a file from their local  machine, while logged on to an page. So they already have all the permissions needed. The client machine doing the accessing can be different users, but they will always try to access and upload a file from their local machine. Yes which ever machine the site is accessed from.

One more ?

Is the file always in the same directory regardless of user or client machine, or would giving them an option to browse for the file be more acceptable?
the user browses for the file of their choice, therefore the file can be in different locations .

good work