writing computer programs for telephones

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I don't know anything about writing programs for cell phones. What language should I use? If I write a program, where should it be stored?  Basically, I think I need a dummies book for writing this type of program.  On top of all this, I have an older phone that will only run Java  programs, but it is not a "smart phone".
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems
The language you choose depends on the OS you want to target.  It's probably C++ for iOS/Apple, C for Android/Google, and .Net for Windows Phone/Microsoft.  I can vouch that Microsoft's IDE (Visual Studio) provides device emulators so you can test your software.

Or you could side-step the issue and write for the web and target everyone.


The operating system that I use, will either be linux or Windows. I didn't realize that the choice was based on the computer that it was written on. what is iOS?
Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net Developer
iOS is Apple's OS for the iPhone.

I haven't come across a windows package that will allow you to develop for the iPhone . . . everything I've read (although the info is a year outdated) said you need to have an Apple OS (eg: leopard) in order to make apps for the phone.

With that said, one work around I discovered was trying to run a apple in a VM . . . though again I didn't get it to work (I think there were hardware conflicts)

But yes, first choose the platform you will be writing on/for and then from there that will determine the tools / language you need to code in.
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Thanks!  Where does the program get stored? I want to do something simple, just like print my name to the screen to show I've actually used my program.

do you mean you are writing programs for your old cell phone that only runs java programs? in that case the java that those programs use is java ME

I have never programmed anything with Java ME, but with all things Java there is plenty of tutorials and documentation out there.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

"I didn't realize that the choice was based on the computer that it was written on."
I meant the operating system of the phone itself.  

Here's information on developing for iOS:

Here's information on developing for Android:

Here's information on developing for Windows Phone 7:

"Where does the program get stored?"
On the phone itself, for a local application.


here are the details that I have:
1.) My cell phone is a Motorola razr
2.) I run Windows 7, and I also run Linux
3.) I do not have an Apple computer
4.) I want to write something simple: "hello world" just to see if I can get the program on my phone
5.) I would be willing to pay for a "smart phone" but I am afraid of paying for an expensive service plan.
Director, Information Systems
I would expect the RAZR to have a proprietary OS - not something you can write applications for.

Since you're on Windows and I know Visual Studio, let me recommend you download Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone:
It's a free way to take a look at what's available, and the phone emulators will let you practice without actually buying a phone.


shoot!  I'll try the visual studio thing thanks.  I dd actually buy VS.  I'll read the website and their help.

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