Printer Installiation Previlage to Remote Desktop Users

pauledwardian used Ask the Experts™
How can a user how is a memebr of "Remote Desktop Users" Group on the server, be able to add printers on the domain. The users have access and premission to that printer on the domain but they cannot add it on the server. I can only have them in "Remote Desktop Users" group!!!!
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kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

Generally you must logon to the server first as an administrator and install the printer. That will get the printer drivers installed. Regular users should be able to add the printer to their profile after that.
Andrew OakeleyConsultant

@kevinhsieh is on the money
You could add them to the print administrators group; but, if you really want to trainwreck a TS, let everyone install their own printers!  Get 3 or 4 "All-In-Ones" installed on the server and it can easilly turn into a total nightmare.
I only install the print drivers on the server myself and tell users they have to have one of printer X, Y, or Z if they want it to work.
I needed to disable "Prohibit users from installing printer drivers" on Local Group policy


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