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Good day,

I am using MySQL FullText indexing on a new project of mine.
What I don't understand is how inconsistent this functionality is.

For example:
I have the following two rows in a table of 1 column >

When searching for "Value1" (exact unique match) then it returns this row.
But when searching for "Value2" (exact unique match) then it WONT return anything.

In my real database I have the following unique values representing Value1 & Value2 in my example:
1) "YFY678GP"
2) "XT 660 R"

The only difference being value 2 contains spaces.
Could this be so big issue?

Please explain the  logic of FullText indexing in conjunction with MATCH AGAINST?

Thanks to ALL :)
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By default fulltext will not search for keywords less than 3 characters in length.  These words will be ignored from your search parameters.  To change the minimum search keyword length you need to change the value of ft_min_word_len server variable, restart mysql, then rebuild your full-text indexes.  See also for other things you need to consider (stop words, etc)


Mmmh I see.
Less than 3 characters you say.

1. But "XT 660 R" wont it at least match the "660" phrase?
2. I have shared hosting account - do you know where I can set these mysql server settings?

Thanks a lot!
Top Expert 2012

1.  Can you give me your actual statement calling the fulltext function?
2.  Unfortunately you can't on a shared server.  And even if you didn't need to change the settings I don't recommend running an application that regularly uses fulltext on it - it will be slow and/or your host will tell you your app is consuming too much resources.
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Update on this: by default I don't think fulltext searches for numbers.

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