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I am new to arserve and i am having difficulty learning it on my own.
currently we use daily routine were data is saved onto 2 tapes i.e mon, tue, we, thur and a weekly tape friday.

the tapes are loaded into an autoloader that houses 8 tapes.  currently on the right side wed and thur tapes are stored and on the left fri sits at the back and the fron 2 slots are used for either mon or tue.

i got the following report from arcsere but i am confused because each tape i physically have is labelled mon, tue etc.  but does this mean something different in arcsere  should i just use any of the tapes and not worry about the current stickers on the tape?

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do not go with physically sticked stickers as ARCserve would not be able to understand that.

Erase the tape ...make them blank media and then run backup. ARCserve will give its own name to the tape and that will get saved in the ARCserve database.... with the help of which ARCserve will recognize what tape are required for the next backup.

I would suggest you use 5 day Full rotation scheme with append.  The job will use one tape from Mon through Thursday and Friday another one. Rotation scheme uses media sets. You can set retention on mediasets.  It will format tapes as required.

I would suggest you study ARCserve Admin Guide to get familiar with tool.


thanks for your reply i took advice and working great

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