Photo ID printer prints images too dark

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My security department has a fargo direct to card 550 ID printer.  Students with a dark complexion print out very dark.  On the computer screen the photo looks fine but printint out on the photo printer its almost a silhouette.  

In the manual it reccomends adjusting the dye-sub intensity.  I did this but it makes the entire ID card looked washed out and does not fix the dark image problem.

I just installed the latest driver and have 2 printers.  I tested both of them and they are both dark.
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Have a look here: Resolving the incorrect Image Darkness problems on page 4-42, DTC550 Direct to Card Printer/Encoder User Guide (Rev. 2.8) ]. There seems to be two approaches to resolving the problem.


I did try that.  They suggested "Adjust the Dye-Sub Intensity setting within the Image Color tab of the Printer Driver."    It just made the entire card look washed out.
You mentioned that already - did you try:
Using the Image Darkness Option
Use this option to set the overall darkness of the printed image by increasing or
decreasing the amount of heat used by the Printhead when printing.
as indicated on page 6-39? Or does that give the same results?

I also noted that Section 6: Printer Adjustments gives a very detailed description on how to fine tune the image: Using the Image Color tab, page 6-26...

That's about as far as I can go to help you, except to say that if these printers are new, you should be able to get help from

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