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This is hopefully a very simple question that I should know the answer, but don't have a clue.

When I email from my Thunderbird client that contains a "valid formatted" web or email address, the recipient will see the link as highlighted in blue that if you click on it, it will go to that link, or launch a mailto if it is an email address. It is not necessary for me to do anything to "embed" a link.

However, if I am receiving emails using my Thunderbird client that happen to come from a Yahoo web email client, NONE of the web addresses are "blue" with a hyperlink. If I go into the web based Yahoo client and highlight the text, and then go to icon to insert a link, it will ask for a web address, and when this is received, there is an embedded link.

I don't understand as this seems to be inconsistent between different users of web email. I get many emails that have the links embedded. People tell me that they don't do anything special to embed a link. However, I tested with my Yahoo web email and another web based email by NetworksSolutions, and both of these web clients did NOT automatically create a web link, requiring me to do a "copy and paste" to the browser to follow the link.

Can someone tell me what is going on with this?

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Probably type of email.

Emails sent in "plain text" tend to have Thunderbird perform the link creation on receipt, as they are (literally) just plain text.

Emails sent in "html" tend to be displayed as sent, with no rewrite, as it is assumed that the author would have included a link as an url if they wanted to.

Most HTML mails have also a plain-text body which is not shown when the html body is shown (they are alternatives) - you can force display of the plain text body by selecting view >> message body as >> plain text.

Does that have the result you would expect?

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