Outlook attatchment .winmail instead of PDF

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I have a user in outlook that whenever she receives an email that is supposed to have a .pdf attached it comes across as a .winmail. Others in the office get the exact same email but don't have the same problem. The user also has to decrypt the attachment using exchange hosted encryption.
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There are couple of additional pieces of information that I think would be helpfil in sussing out the problem.

1. Can this user receive a .pdf file from anyone? Test from inside the office as well as a known address from outside.

2. Is this a hosted exchange or on site?

If you can provide answers to those two I believe that I can assist you with this going forward.


Thanks for the quick response. To answer your questions yes she can receive .pdf's from other people it is just that particular sender and and the exchange is hosted onsite. The weird thing is that it is the only mailbox that has been effected in the entire office.
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There is a KB article on such an issue
have you reviewed:

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