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Root DC AD 2003 Demoted - Fix

What is the best way to recover a root domain DC (2003) that was demoted? There are no other DCs in this root domain. There is a child domain that is fully functional. Please advise. Thank you.
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Mike Kline
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You were able to demote the last DC in the root of your forest? While having child domains still up?  I didn't think that was possible.   I  may have to test that.  

Do you have good backups?


I'm going to say no if there are no other domains for your root.
Can you even run a dcpromo /forceremoval with a child domain in place???
Not sure, not something I've ever tried in production :)   Might be a good test for me to run over the long weekend.
Not sure if a restore from backup would fix that, I'd call Microsoft and open a PSS case ASAP
Yeah agree, something I've never faced.  Sometimes PSS is the way to go. Although I am going to test this weekend (just to see if I can even /forceremoval
I might try restoring from backup onto a machine that had no connectivity to the child domains, but I'd have no hesitation in calling PSS, it might be the best value support call I'd ever make.

I'm trying to remember if you need an enterprise admin for a child domain to create a trust...
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Yes, the child domain is still up... Thank you all for the input. We have a backup from what I heard it was a couple of months ago worth of back up. This was done by someone who is not here anymore (go figure lol). Is it still worth trying to recover from that back up or just start calling Microsoft?
Btw, thankfully this is a test region and not production...
Depending on how old the backup is, it may not be worth restoring.
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Will look into your advises and let you all know. Thank you for the input.